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July 23, 2020
VIBORG VR109G RCA connectors
August 11, 2020

VIBORG VR109R RCA connectors


หัว RCA Viborg โรเดียม VR109R RCA connectors


หัวท้าย RCA Viborg โรเดียม VR109R RCA connectors Viborg with Silver / Rhodium plated pure copper conductor. This model benefits from copper great conductivity which is a long-lasting feature thanks to Rhodium capacity of protecting conductors without affecting electric signal.

The outer shell is constructed from an aluminum and alloys in order to take advantage of a light structure, strong and durable. The VR109 can be connected to mass wirings without placing an excessive pressure to the female connector.

Connector’s isolation is made of PTFE which is an efficient protection against thermal stresses, corrosion, humidity. This allows the connector to keep its electrical properties for a long time.

หัวท้าย RCA Viborg โรเดียม หนึ่งกล่องมี 2 คู่ หรือ 4 ตัว

Specification / เสปค

Model: VR109R
Conductor:Pure Copper
Housing: Aluminum Alloy
Insulation :Teflon(White)
Connections: Soldered or Set Screw
Specified for core diameters up to 9.5mm
Housing: 13.9φ x 14.4mm Overall Length: 51.5 mm approx.
3-Layer Plated :
1. Oxygen Free Copper Plated
2. Silver Plated
3. Rhodium Plated

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